Bridges to Burn

by Ben Strawn

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Relationships have the ability to either make or break you.

In Ben Strawn's debut EP, Bridges to Burn, Ben provides a fun breath of fresh air onto the complexities of multiple facets of relationships while still remaining vulnerable and introspective.

Produced by Brett Nolan at the Soundry Studio in Chattanooga, TN, this album offers a variety of sounds, blending the pop, folk, and acoustic singer-songwriter genres into one.

Two-thirds of the profit of each CD will go to New Life Orphanage in Haiti as a part of Ben's label, Music for Missions.

All songs written by Ben Strawn (aspects of "Bridges to Burn" inspired by Noah Gundersen's "Fire")

Produced, mixed and mastered by Brett Nolan at Soundry Studio, Chattanooga, TN.
Executively produced by Eric Parker.

Artwork & design by Josh Roden, Kaley Lowry, Carol Strawn.


released December 2, 2015

Drums - Ivan Garcia, Kelly Turner (Scars), Brett Nolan (Bridges to Burn)
Electric Guitar - Dan Pinson
Keys - Ben Strawn (You & Me, Scars, Firestarter), Brett Nolan (Firestarter, Bridges to Burn, Ablaze)
Acoustic - Ben Strawn
Strings - Hans Anderson
Bass - Dan Pinson, Levi Corbett (Scars)
Stand-up Bass - Charles Gaston (Bridges to Burn)
Vocals - Ben Strawn, Courtney Wite, Jess Penniman (Scars)



all rights reserved


Ben Strawn Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: You & Me
Oh my darling, won't you stay a little while
And rest your weary head on my tired shoulder
It's been too long since our bodies have touched
And I can't wait for much longer

I want your strawberry blonde and not that curly brown
I want your deep blue eyes that make my head spin all around
And on these long drives I want your hand to hold
But I guess I'll have to wait
Good things come to those who wait

It's been too long since we've been gone together, you and me
And I've been thinking that the
Perfect time to make you mine is when you cross that deep blue sea
I said it's
Been too long since we've been gone together, you and me
And I've been thinking that the
Perfect time to make you mine is when you cross that deep blue sea
Until then I hope to find some peace of mind in the stars of the night sky
'Cause those burning lights take me to the nights when it's only you and me
Those burning lights take me to the nights when it's only you and me

And as this sun pours in, I think about your face
And how I can't wait for you to break the borders of this state
'Cause there's nothing better than my homeland and my girl
The way she lights up the night, and this orange and white is enough to make a man lose his mind
Track Name: Ablaze
Ain't it funny things don't really even matter when you take the price tag off
Ain't about the money or the bling of the superficial things that make the shallow people talk
I've got a dollar and a dream to make reality a thing that isn't far within my reach
I'm even one parent down, I've got some things to frown upon but it ain't stopping me

When you look into my eyes
There's a fire in a green disguise
There's a wildfire in my soul
A wildfire in my soul
And it consumes me whole

And it funny how liberty's upon us and we constantly seem to forget
Oh the fortune we have is just a thing in the past, a pesky concept we don't respect
But hey, we've all got dollars and dreams and they're just two separate things that make our visions clearly seen

My heart is ablaze with your love
Track Name: Scars
I am lost inside my head
I'm longing to be found so I can finally rest
But the fire trapped inside me never sleeps
Burning out my mind I'm stuck with chasing my dreams

I have tossed and turned for far too long
It's time for my skin to be comforted by means of this song
'Cause approval by my girl ain't enough
Sure that's great but it's not enough to live on

So hey, hey what've you got to say?
Where were you the other day when you
Sat hurt in my car, it might be dramatic but it's a scar that you
Made me take upon myself, who are you to think that you can
Make me go as far, to take upon your scar

Honestly I feel bad for you
The things that make you, you, are what I see right through
I can hate the player and not the game
Your lies, words and deeds have given you away

Scars are not just meaningless injuries
Scars are stories that make you whole
Track Name: Bridges to Burn
It's my desire to write honest songs
About all the things I'm going through
I've written about fire, ones that start and are ablaze
And how I'm still in a daze that I don't have you

I feel the pressure to constantly be me while trying to be my friends
And I don't know if I should
Be a bag of glass with shards of the past on the floor or in His hands

I've tried to find all the answers in the blood red light of stained glass church
Oh Jesus help me, I don't want to be a child with my eyes bitterly burned
I want to find freedom, but I can't find it in this land that I love
This wind is howling, these souls around me
Are they lives to match or bridges to burn?
Are they lives to match or bridges to burn?

This wind is howling, Jesus you found me
Is my life just a match or a bridge to burn?
Is my life just a match or a bridge to burn?
Track Name: Firestarter
This candle is burning in his living room
His dog's in the corner barking at this tune
My version of free don't feel so good to me today

Instead of staring in and cherishing those light blue eyes
This wood on the walls is sparking all these wonder why's
I didn't take the time to make you mine again

So when we love we've got to try and love harder
A bouquet of flowers is a firestarter
Don't wanna sing roses are red, and violets are blue
And I guess I don't have you anymore

I guess I always thought that I could buy some time
But maybe I was trying too hard just to make words rhyme
And make the rhyming into melodies to make this life worth my time

Well honestly life's more than being kings and queens
And every song these days is about all the things
That a man can do to start a love that never lasts

Hold on, hold on to me
Track Name: Don't Say Goodbye
How long has it been since we were at our best and you and me were intertwined?
It's been too long since our love was strong and we were flying high

You've got a hold on me
The only condition is

To keep my love, held up high
Don't give me no reason, to wonder why
I've spent so long, growing strong
For you and me, and our future home
Don't say goodbye

I'm still wrapped around your fingers and honestly that's how I'd like for it to be
I can't move on and I've known all along that you are worth my time

You've got a hold on me
I hope that you believe

Why so serious, isn't this decision obvious?
Let's go for one more long drive, come on baby let's waste our time